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Foundation Repair

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For many people not just in America but around the world purchasing a property will be the single biggest investment they will ever make. Any issues with foundations can seriously harm that investment if not dealt with in an effective manner. If you think you may have underlying foundation issues you should call us and we can assess the situation and advise you accordingly. Failure to address these potential issues could lead to further costs being occurred further down the line, such as the emergence of cracks and sagging floors.

What causes foundations to need repair?

Foundations repairs are usually required when there is some movement in the ground around the foundations. This can occur over a period of time and can be sped up by growing vegetation and a change in the water level. It can also be caused by a deterioration of the materials either due to age or poor workmanship. A famous example of this is the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Houses situated in flood zones are particularly vulnerable due to water dispersing the soil around the foundation. This would require regular repair works.

Signs of damage to foundations

One of the most common symptoms of damage to a foundation is cracks in the interior of your home. If you start to notice some cracks appear throughout your house don’t immediately panic as they could just be hairline cracks that are caused by settling. However, if the cracks are large, diagonal and appear to be getting larger it could be a foundation problem. Other symptoms are doors and windows sticking and not closing as easily as once before. We also advise taking note of any leaks and sagging of floors. But if you are concerned then you really should get in touch with us to arrange an inspection to successfully diagnose the problem.

Importance of a healthy foundation

Many Americans rely on the equity provided by their home for their financial stability and it is essential that this stability is built on solid foundations. Literally! If your house is not sitting on solid foundations it will negatively affect its value on the real estate market. This in turn could negatively affect your credit rating. We advise all our current and potential to seek professional advice from us about the health of your foundations. Failure to address any issues could have lingering effects and costs as the problem won’t go away and will only get worse. Further costs could then arise from having to constantly repair cracks, sagging floors and stiff doors. All these costs will only be a temporary fix until the real problem is corrected.

Affordable repair

At our company, we offer free quotes for all foundation repairs once we have established a few details about your house and the situation. Prices can vary depending on a few factors such as the size of the property, ground condition, and the foundations condition. We offer very reasonable and competitive prices and guarantee a high standard of service. We only employ the best most qualified candidates and use the best methods and materials the industry offers.

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