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House Lifting

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House lifting is a process where the house is secured and raised using hydraulic jacks. It is a complex process with very little room for error. Therefore it should only be undertaken by experienced and skilled operators such as the excellent house lifting team at San Antonio House Leveling and Foundation Repairs. Without the ability to lift a house we would not be able to move a house to a different more suitable footing. Leaving the fate of your home in the hands of the elements.

Why lift your house?

A homeowner may want to lift their house for a variety of reasons. If your property has sufficient foundation damage one option would be to secure and raise the house while the foundation is repaired or replaced. House lifting could be required while building an extension to your home or moving the property to new footings. The most common need for our house lifting services in San Antonio is due to excess water impacting the surrounding soil requiring the building to be raised to a safer height or even moved to a more suitable site. It may be required if you are living in a flood zone and lifting your house may be the best most cost-effective way to prevent further damage.

How do you lift a house?

Lifting a house can be a very dangerous task and requires a highly skilled and well-trained team to do so safely. They also require the use of the industry's most modern equipment and machinery to do so as safely and efficiently as possible. In order to lift a house, we would normally require a combination of hydraulic and crew jacks to raise the house. But before we lift the house the site would have needed to be suitably prepared by clearing all obstacles and securing services or disconnecting if necessary beforehand.

Hire professionals like us

We advise against any attempts to lift your home without professional help. Here at San Antonio House Leveling and Foundation Repairs we have the qualified team and the heavy machinery to safely secure and lift your home. We advise you to complete the contact form on our website detailing your circumstances and we will get in touch with you with a viable solution. We are industry leaders who have successfully lifted many client's houses in the San Antonia area over the years. With our dedicated team of professionals, we can make this process as easy and as stress-free as possible for you.

Affordable lifting

The process of lifting a house can be quite expensive due to the heavy machinery and skilled workers required. We offer free competitive quotes so please get in touch with us on the number above if you need your house lifting. Our excellent team of customer service agents can collect the details of your situation and we can arrange an inspection of your property to determine the need if any or urgency to lift the house. We offer great value and high-quality service in the San Antonio and wider Texas area.

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