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Pier And Beam Foundation Repair

best pier and beam foundation repair

Our team at San Antonio House Leveling and Foundation Repairs are very well acquainted with the pier and beam foundation construction method. The pier and beam foundation construction method is quite common in the USA, especially in small and medium-sized homes. This method is very functional, cost-effective, and especially advised if you live in an area that suffers from flooding or is prone to earthquakes. We are here to inspect and assess your pier and beam foundation.

What is a pier and beam foundation?

A pier and beam foundation is a popular foundation construction method used in the United States of America and around the world. They usually consist of a concrete or timber pier vertically connected to a concrete pile, which will transfer the load of the building to the ground. The timber beams will then rest horizontally allowing for the dwelling to sit on top at an elevated level. Pier and beam foundation repairs should be completed by skilled and qualified workers once the condition of the foundation has been determined. Failing to address any issues with your pier and beam foundation could result in further costs such as more cracks in the walls etc.


The pier and beam foundation is a popular choice within the industry for various reasons. It can be very cost-effective as it uses less material than other methods. Another benefit is in areas where soil conditions are inconsistent making the use of a slab foundation difficult. Such as areas on a slope, near a river, or surrounded by tree roots. This method of foundation construction is also very cost-effective due to its long-lasting life and easily assess allowing for accessible repair work to be carried out through the crawl space. The crawl space also allows for the easy installation of services.


However, the pier and beam foundation does have its drawbacks. The crawl space can become a moisture trap without adequate ventilation. This build-up of moisture could in turn if left untreated develop into damp, mildew, or even rot, compromising the structural stability of the structure. Although exposure to moisture can deteriorate concrete, the more immediate problem will be the effects the moisture will have on the timber joists. Without being sufficiently sealed a pier and beam foundation can result in heat loss through the floor, resulting in a less energy-efficient home thus costing more money to heat. Rodents and infections could also occur in the crawl space.

Affordable Repair

A pier and beam foundation can last for many years especially if regularly inspected and maintained so that any potential problems can be caught in advance. Pier and beam foundation repair work may not be as costly as you would expect. This would depend on a few factors such as the age of foundation, size of the property, and the quality of materials and craftsmanship used in the construction. Here at San Antonio House Leveling and Foundation Repairs, we will provide you with a free quote you just have to give us a call on the number above or fill in the contact form on our website.

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