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Wall Crack Repair

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Nobody likes to see a crackdown on their wall or ceiling especially if it is newly painted. Cracks are an ugly sight and one which you don’t want to see on a daily basis. This can give you an urgency to repair or an underlying feeling of a deeper problem. Have no fear, we can help with both. We have a dedicated team of skilled professionals with many years of experience in the assessment of cracks. If the crack is determined as minor then we can go ahead with the repairs requiring a small timeframe for completion. However, if the crack is determined to be a more serious matter then further inspection will be required to find the best cause action.

What can cause a crack?

A crack in a wall can be a major or minor problem for a homeowner. Before panicking and assuming the building will collapse we should try to determine how the crack formed. Cracks usually occur for various reasons some are structurally related and require more urgency and capital others are just cosmetic and can be easily fixed.

Hairline cracks

A hairline crack is a common crack that usually occurs above a door or a window. These crack usually occur due to the building moving within its tolerances. It can happen in new builds that are just settling and adjusting to having people live in it. For these cracks, it is advised to leave them alone for a settling in period before repairing in order to prevent the cracks from reappearing at a later date. Cracks can also occur when a property has been left vacant for a period of time. Basically any change in the atmosphere can cause cracks as once the moisture content in the building changes the materials will react accordingly shrinking or expanding.

Structural damage

If the cracks on your wall are not above doors or windows then they may be caused by another reason. If the crack is damp and has some discoloration around it then it is likely that this crack was caused by a leak that needs to be found. However, if the cracks are large, diagonal, and jagged then this could indicate that your home has structural problems. If this is the case it would be advised that you contact us on the above number and arrange for an inspection to be carried out to successfully diagnose the problem. This underlying issue will need to be corrected before the cracks can be repaired.

Affordable repair

Here at San Antonio House Leveling and Foundation Repairs we can not only repair all cracks for you but we can tell you the exact cause of the crack and how to prevent them from reoccurring. We offer all this at an affordable rate while guaranteeing a high standard of finish. At San Antonio House Leveling and Foundation Repairs we only use the best methods and materials and we never compromise our quality product. Give us a call on the number above or fill in the contact form on our website if you have any concerns about a crack.

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