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San Antonio House Leveling and Foundation Repair

San Antonio Texas House Leveling
and Foundation Repair

house leveling and foundation repair

We believe that a strong foundation is important in all aspects of life. This is especially relevant with regards to your home. We take our client's foundation's health very seriously and vow to treat your home like it was ours so that it may provide you with security and stability for many years to come.

In short foundation health is vital to the long term well being of your investment. When carrying out any jobs we adhere to industry safety standards with protocols followed, risk assessments up to date, and personal protective equipment worn at all times. We install confidence in our clients with our dedication to safely leveling the homes and repairing the foundations of the fine people of San Antonio, Texas.

About Us

San Antonio House Leveling and Foundation Repairs is a well-respected company within the state of Texas. We have been operating with great success for many years and aim to do so for many more. A key element in our success is our dedication to providing a combination of high-level customer service and technical expertise to all of our clients.

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    Our Services

    We have a range of services on offer to the people of San Antonio that are designed to raise awareness within the community to the conditions of their foundations. The implications of neglecting these issues could be costly. We can inspect a client's property and are qualified to definitively diagnose the problem, then we can plan the best course of action. We want to look after our local communities' foundations by protecting their investments. We look forward to hearing from potential clients, whatever your problem if you think we can help don’t be afraid to get in touch.

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    House Leveling

    House leveling is a process that returns a house to its previous level or a better more desired level. House leveling is a specialty of our team here at San Antonio House Leveling and Foundation Repairs. Usually required to raise a part of the foundation after it sank below its original level. We will do all the preparation work on the site, fix the problem, and clear up with the only evidence of our presence being the strong foundations left behind.

    Foundation Repair

    Our team of experts has a large amount of experience at repairing foundations, there is not a lot of problems they have not seen. A lot of foundation repair jobs are not that expensive depending on the severity of the problem however the earlier we catch it the better. Over time further problems may arise. It is also estimated that foundation problems can negatively affect the property's value by up to 15%.

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    Pier And Beam
    Foundation Repair

    Our team specializes in pier and beam foundation repair. Pier and beam is a commonly used form of construction for foundations, they tend to consist of timber beams resting on a concrete pier working together to evenly distribute the properties load. Repairing these foundations require a skilled team who can find the source of the problem and design a plan of action to correct the said problem. We have just the team at San Antonio House Leveling and Foundation Repairs.

    Mobile Home
    Leveling Services

    Mobile home leveling has the same purpose as house leveling except for mobile homes. It is a process that is used to lift a mobile home to its previous level. This process is usually required due to foundation damage. Mobile home leveling is a slightly easier process than house leveling due to mobile homes tend to be smaller and lighter. As mobile homes have become more and more desirable to people we seem to get more and more mobile home leveling jobs.

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    House Lifting

    House lifting is the process of lifting a house normally done in order to raise it or move it to another site. This process requires a lot of work and heavy machinery in order to lift a house safely. Each job may require different tools and methods depending on the specifics, but in order to safely lift a house hydraulic and screw, jacks are often effectively used by our team.

    Wall Crack Repair

    Our wall crack repair service involves the treatment and repair of various forms of cracks to a high-quality finish. Wall crack repair is the process of repairing cracks that have developed over time within a property. We treat cracks using the most sustainable and efficient methods and materials. Cracks are mainly repaired for atheistic purposes, as people tend to prefer to live in a home that is crack free. It is also a common job when a property is about to go on the market.

    “I was very pleased with the service provided by San Antonio House Leveling and Foundation Repairs. They did exactly what they said they were going to do with no hidden costs. I am really glad I chose them and would highly recommend getting in touch with them if you have any foundation problems!” - Tom G.

    “A friend noticed a crackdown my living room wall and recommended I contact San Antonio House Leveling and Foundation Repairs. I made contact and within a few days, they were conducting an inspection to find the route of the problem. The discovered a few issues with my pier and beam foundation. We arranged for the required repairs to be made and the problem was fixed within the month. Would use them again!” Lisa L.

    “I am a property developer who uses San Antonio House Leveling and Foundation Repairs every time I have an issue with a property in the San Antonio, Texas area. There is nothing these guys don’t know about leveling and foundations. They provide high-level expertise!” Paul M.

    Contact Us Today

    If you want to know more about our house leveling and foundation repair services, you can contact the number above and speak to one of our fantastic customer service agents. They can assist you with any queries that you may have. Alternatively, you can fill in one of our contact forms found on our website. Just leave your contact details and query and we will aim to get back to you within the quickest possible timeframe.

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